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A group of wide-ranging backgrounds and expertise converged on the Women in Technology Uganda Hub for this 2-day workshop focused on designing platforms for a better Kampala.

Lead by Priyanka Pathak, Adam Little, and Claudia Bernett of Little Cloud, participants were guided through a detailed User Experience Design process that began with a broad investigation of three topics relevant to life in the city today: safety, health, and culture. Special guest speakers conveyed expert knowledge to participants, who were then lead through a series of rigorous exercises to explore the topics and home in on a mission for the products they would design.

They defined problem and mission statements, goals and target audiences. They learned about design research and synthesis, planned and conducted their own research, and synthesized it into meaningful findings. They learned about ideation, concepting, wireframing, and prototyping, and produced innovative, detailed, and thoughtful designs for mobile applications that could significantly impact life in Kampala, and Uganda, today.

Application concepts addressed issues of access to health care and human trafficking through an array of approaches that included a mobile system to support a central ID system in the country, a ‘Bust a Trafficker’ app that helps residents identify risks, and mobile apps that facilitate access to medical information, clinics, and essential medicines and medical care.

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