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Tall Tales is a collaborative cross-platform, cross-media storytelling experience that was presented as part of the Impakt Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands 2010 and was funded by the Impakt Foundation.

Tall Tales is based on the notion that cities are multi-layered, dynamic, living things in which stories are told everyday literally and metaphorically through the daily interactions of the people living in them. The Surrealists’ Exquisite Corpse game model is extended into a collaborative cross-platform, cross-media storytelling experience. Tall Tales merges people, locations, and technology to create a multi-faceted experience that adds a virtual layer of stories that live and breathe with the city itself. By submitting short text messages, city residents and visitors compose an online story, which is a continuously evolving reflection of the tone and times that we live in.

All around Utrecht, magnets were placed indicating the location of an ever-growing story. By entering in the URL found on the magnet, or scanning the code, passersby were presented with the last part of the story submitted. Once a new part is added, the full story created by myriad voices is revealed.