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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2015

Pipas Conectadas is an art and technology project that seeks to extend the kite fighting culture of Rio’s favelas into a creative digital experience that supports new forms of play and social connection. A pilot of the project was executed in Rio de Janeiro in the first half of 2015 toward continued development with financial support.

Through a series of collaborative workshops, participants integrate lightweight DIY electronics into kites to capture movement data and generate expressive visualizations. These then become the focal point of an online experience in which participants connect with compete against each other using the visualizations they created with their kites. The platform leverages Arduino and a simple accelerometer to collect kite movement data and generate web-­ready visualizations. Taking place in various favelas in Rio de Janeiro between April and July 2015, workshop participants learned about the process of creating the electronics, added electronics to their kites, and flew the adapted kites to generate expressive visualizations.

All visualizations were posted to the website along with the creator, title, location, and time created. When uploading, participants could change specific parameters to adjust the characteristics of their visualization.

    Pipas Conectadas project website